We asked our team what their first day in the gym was like.

Here’s what they had to say, unedited.

What our team mates have to say.

Davy Murphy
 (lost 40lbs+)

Well lads I started training with the arena in January 2013 wit no experience what so ever in any kind of combat sport and was a fat unfit mess at 96 kgs 14.5 st and now walking around at 12 stone and compete at 11 when I first started I taught shit what am I doin but all the lads der are sound and helps each other out and from the first night I was hooked what a great way to get in shape keep fit and It also works wonders for your mental health and confidence levels definitely give it a go

Colm John Finnegan

I was involved judo in dublin, i find difficult and struggled with dublin judo with their bad attuide and no patience with me because I am deaf with sign languages so one year ago, I joined Arena Wexford, I felt so welcome and respect with my deafness. Piotr is great with communicate with me and always make sure I understood what he saying in class. This is why I am still going to arena class. It all about skills and fitness and moral support in yourself.


Timmy Curry 

Started training with Arena Wexford about 2 years ago always wanted to get in to it but taught it was 2 men in a cage bashing each other same problem nervous started then with no experience what so ever at 11 or 11 and a half stone learned a lot of respect for other people and my weight dropped to 60- 65kg of muscle not skin and bone..All the lads are dead on sound and listen and are willing to go at every 1 elses pace and most of all its fun and keeps you fit..Defo feeling better about myself since started training mma


Brandon Nolan 

Everyone is friendly and very helpful and patient.. It is a contact sport at the end of the day so it will be tougher than most workouts but it all stays at a respectable level.. It’s much more than going in head to to head to try destroy someone, it’s more mental than physical.. Everybody respects each other equally irrespective of their background or experience.. Would recommend it to anybody and would like to see more people attend just to see that it’s about much more than just fighting


James Richard Kinsella 

I’ve been training with Arena Wexford for a few years now. I’m one of the oldest guys there and at 65kg I’m one of the smaller guys but it doesn’t matter. Egos are left at the door. We train to improve ourselves and help our teammates…not try to break each other.
I am definitely both physically and mentally in better shape for training there.


Luke Gleeson  

after my first class. “back after my first MMA class – it was brilliant. The trainer is such a cool guy, he called me “Metallica” after my t-shirt haha, and i loved the way he explained the boxing techniques we went over. I am looking forward to not being able to walk tomorrow!” It’s really weird to see this written down, I wrote it so long ago, and I had no idea how much harder training would become. I also had no idea how much stronger it would make me. I’ve put on weight. I’ve gained hugely in confidence. I have a better attitude. Formative experiences are meant to challenge you. Why would I stop going?


Adam Nowak 

Hey guys I would like to let you know that my first two weeks in Arena was one of the worst weeks in my life I was feeling really sore after each session but I keep going and now after 14 months I know that every single training that I had was worth because i feel much better and have more lesf confidence. I’ve got really good results of this hard work and just the start is hard, i was thinking at the start what am I doing here it”s too hard all this combinations different techniques and all was confusing at the start but it’s one of the best things that I’ve ever done. By the way Thanks to Peter for all this things he teach me.


David Murphy

My first class was wen I was 17 and I had no experience in any martial arts. I was greeted by a friendly atmosphere and ever since some of my closest friends are member of Arena Wexford. I consider meself lucky to have wore the arena colours and fought under the name. Joining the arena was 1 of the best decisions ive ever made


Fran Hore 

I started bjj nearly 3years ago…had no experience before…great place to train for any sport…jiu jitsu uses every muscle group in d body…one of them sport you get addicted to…n so humble…love doin it n love learning from it
…n meet some good people at arena and other gyms around ireland….such agreat place to train and learn.



I am 43 and can say that training with the #ARENATEAM has been the best way of getting fit that I have found. Piotr makes sure that the training sessions are tailored to each individuals abilities the club has experienced proponents of a wide variety of martial arts and offers an excellent opportunity to learn different techniques and fighting styles. I would recommend team warriors to anyone around my age as a great way to get fit and stay fit.


Zak Clancy

Great training no matter who you are or whether you have ever done anything like mma before. I started 2 years ago had no experience and wasn’t physically strong at all. I wasn’t patronised in anyway and felt welcome in the gym. Great crowd great training  starting this best decision I have ever made


Gary Reville

Great friendly experience training with Arena Wexford , never felt any tenseness in the gym as a good work ethic and positive attitude and atmosphere is generated by Piotr and everyone training there , I would recommend arena to everyone I know. Great for beginners or experienced martial artists young and old.


Kevin Fitzharris 

Brilliant experience, and great training. Peter is a very good coach and explains every move clearly. Due to my work situation I don’t get to go anymore. However I would recommend the training to everybody.


Mark Power 

My first night was last night actually! The class was fantastic and being a complete beginner I felt very relaxed. The class trained together in good spirit. Peter is a great trainer. Everything was explained and demonstrated safely and thoroughly. There is a misconception about combat sports that there is an environment of aggression. Nothing could be further from the truth. All demonstrations start and end with expressions of respect. Peter’s class is about building you up, not beating you down. I look forward to training with Peter and the Arena students again.


Ronan Kavanagh

I’ve been training mma and a close friend with Piotr for years. Most friendly atmosphere I’ve ever trained in. No matter wat level or experience u have makes no difference. Everybody helps each other and you learn from each other. Hands down greatest training for loosing weight, toning up and getting self confidence. Highly recommend it to anybody.


Airt Donaghy 

First time with Arena . . Bit nervous on the way down as i’d no experience in combat sports , but as i got into the lesson Peter and the lads made me welcome. The training is intense + highly addictive ya b ripped up in no time, better than any weights session ! ! Arena is also brilliant for your mental health i recommed it 2 every1 !


Patrick Dempsey 

Hi lads. I joined mma and bjj about 6 months ago. At first i was really nervous and i taut it would be to hard for me but once i started training i got to like it alot.. All the lads are really helpful and show u everything slow and easy to understand. I think it is the best sport i have ever done and piotr is a really good trainer. I think everyone should get down to Arena and give it a try.


What the ladies are saying

Louise Whelan

Wel Wel Wel iv started a month ago and I LOVE it form a wimps point a view never did boxing before and even started d sparing class on Monday I was a bit afraid because it was mixed but now I love it even more than d girls class crazy right!! But it’s 2hours pure training and takes d good out of u and it’s a way to get rid of stress aswell and d boys i suppose are gentle men and help u learn all d different ways to keep going if ur looking for more of a girls class Tuesday and Thursday is ur day I tought lady’s punch fit shit I’m goin to be punched and hurt but it’s totaly different like ppl say don’t judge a book by its cover it’s full of circuit training and teaching ppl how to punch on the pads for girls it’s a grate training for fitness and weight loss cos trust me a months training 10 classes I’m seein big changes in my weight and body :):) as for our trainer peter his a wimp reli hahaha get down to Arena Wexford the best thing iv got into its addictive


Grace Chan

I started training at Arena in the ladies punch fit class, but after a while Piotr invited me to the men’s BJJ class. Piotr and all the guys were super respectful. At first I felt hesitant about pairing up with guys because I thought Id hold back their learning since I’m a tiny lady newbie, but instead the guys were really patient and happy to teach me what they knew.
I’d recommend BJJ at the Arena to anyone. It’s a no ego, positive atmosphere to train in. Also once you know a few moves, BJJ is a fun full body workout.

Stacey Mcevoy 

I was very apprehensive about the classes (boxing and wieghts I didnt want to be bigger than I was) but my good friend Mag Balfe assured me it was not what I thought! SO I gave it a go! I couldnt walk properly for about a week.  it was the best thing I have ever done. 2 years later what I have lost in weight I have gained in confidence ( to piotr’s dismay ha ha ) give it a go WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOOSE??


Laura Flynn

I was going through quite a bad time in my life when I was told I needed a hobby ha, now I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but I thought ‘MMA’ , something different and so I rang Peter and he said to come down. My first class turned out to be the guys class, i thought It was intense but great I was in bits with my muscles for a week but it was healthy pain ha I started going to the girls punch fit classes then to try and build up my fitness and stamina first, now i have started doing the guys and girls classes 5 nights a week. I have found everyone to be so great, really easy to work with and so helpful. This training has been so positive for me and it’s actually helped me destress from all the crap that was going on in my life. So thank you to everyone, all the girls, the guys and Peter for making me feel so welcome and helping me improve my fitness. I think everyone should give it a go the people are so sound, the workout is great, the skills you learn are amazing and you’ll really enjoy the whole experience!!

From the parents of our Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes.

Michelle & Michael Murphy

if you are thinking about sending your child/children our two boys aged 8 and 6 are in team warriors Piotr is their trainer and they love both him and their training they learn jiu-jitsu kickboxing and judo and hate missing any classes ,it helps them to keep fit and they also have lots of fun there, I would highly recommend it if you are thinking about sending your child/children as it has also helped to build my boy’s confidence to a level i couldn’t do on my own.

Sean Jordan

its great for a child of his age not only is he more motivated but the level of fitness has increased. its a great way for him to learn respect and confidence in a safe and well supervised class. he cant be kept away from training the difference in him is brilliant I would recommend it to every child.


Philip Tobin

Both of my daughters, aged 4 and 6, are being coached judo by Peter at Arena . Both I and the kids find Peter an excellent coach. Each session is a fun filled hour, as a lot of the coaching is carried out through games, which the children really enjoy. They learn very quickly through this method of coaching, and always look forward to the next class. The judo takes place in a very safe environment with the floor and walls of the gym being fully matted. The cleanliness and hygiene levels at the gym are excellent, and to the highest standard. As a parent I find Peter very approachable and would certainly recommend him as an excellent judo coach.


Noel Furlong

I am 43 years old and myself and two son’s one is 16 the other is 7 train with The #arenateam under the instruction of Piotr Bajon. We all enjoy this very much and with such a range in ages there is something for everyone. My 16 year old son would be the first to admit that he had become a bit lazy and he had put on weight he is like a different person now his fitness is up he has lost weight and has gone from training 2 nights a week to 4 or 5 nights now. He has got into a routine its home from school something to eat homework done (without been told) gear ready and off to training the play station is getting a rest too. He even puts his training gear out to be washed when he comes home. My 7 year old trains with Piotr 2 nights a week doing BJJ he can’t get enough of it and gets disappointed if it is not a training night. Before he started with Arena Wexford his concentration would not have been very good. I mentioned this to Piotr before he started and I could not have gotten a better response he told me he would work with him and see how things would go. The results have been great in a very short space of time there has been a marked improvement in his concentration and this is also a great help with school. Due to work I cannot train as often as I would like but I find it great when I can get there. My fitness level has gone up I have lost weight and have gained new friends as all the arenas are a great bunch to train with. To sum up I would have no hesitation in recommending Piotr to anyone interested in training in something a bit different from the normal run of the mill training. His teaching methods are excellent especially with children he has the ability to get the maximum out of everyone young and old and I believe this is a great gift to have. The gym is kept to the very highest of standards the hygiene and cleanliness is second to none. I have great respect for Piotr I find him very approachable he always has time to talk if you have any questions or worries and in the time I have known him I would not only class him as an excellent instructor but also a friend.